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Hydrating Products

Hydrating Products Curly hair needs extra moisture to stay hydrated and frizz free. Our universal conditioner, DevaCurl One Condition, contains healthy ingredients that won't weigh hair down. Most curl types will benefit from a small amount of DevaCurl One Condition left in after rinsing. Curly girls with a high frizz factor and thick curls can skip the rinse and just squeeze out the excess water. Curls will naturally absorb the conditioner it needs, and release what it does not.




DevaCurl One Condition
This ultra creamy daily conditioner provides maximum hydration and is perfect for all curl types.

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair™
This intensive moisture treatment provides super hydration and is perfect for all curl types.

DevaCare One Condition
This no-fade ultra moisturizing daily conditioner protects color or chemically processed curls while providing maximum hydration.

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